Yunus / Tempest House



Yunus House was established in February, 1953 on the ground floor of the Odeon Block. Then it was called Tempest House after the name of a British aircraft. In 1967 the House was named after Flt Lt Yunus Hussain an air warrior who embraced shahadat in 1965 war against India. The House was once again named Tempest in 1991 after the revival of Public School system at PAF College Sargodha. It was renamed Yunus House on 26 March, 2015.

Flt Lt Yunus Hussain (Shaheed), SJ

Name: Yunus Hussain  

Pak No: 3857

Father's Name: Khuwaja Yusuf Hussain

Date of Birth: 01 June 1935

GD (P) Course: 26 GD (P)

Date of Commission: 25 June, 1958

Date of Shahadat: 06 September, 1965

Gallantry Award: SJ

Yunus was the only son of his parents who belonged to Panipat in India. His father, Mr. Khuwaja Yusuf Hussain was a businessman by profession. Although Yunus was the only child of his parents, he had to face lot of challenges for the acquisition of his education during the early days of his life. At partition, his parents migrated to Pakistan and got settled in Jhang. He got his early education and passed matriculation exams from Government High School Jhang. Tall and Handsome Yunus later did his FSc from Multan. He joined RPAF College in 1956 and became the SUO (Sqn Under Officer) in his final term at Risalpur. He earned his wings in 1958. His craze for flying led him to record fastest 500 and 1000 flying hours of PAF , he was green endorsed twice by Air Marshal Asghar Khan, the then C-in-C. His active participation in the skirmishes in Dir-Bajaur ops in 1960-62 was acknowledged and he was awarded the “Tamgha-e-Diffa''. Finally Yunus joined the elite No 5 Sqn under the leadership of brilliant Sqn Cdr, Sqn Ldr Rafiqui. Together they fought the war in 1965 and together they attained Shahadat in line of duty. It is due to the martyrdom of such gallant heroes that the nation keeps burning the torch of honor and freedom with pride.



COMPANY: Hawker Aircraft

TYPE: Fighter/Strike Aircraft

POWER PLANT: One Centraurus  5, 18-Cylinder Two Row Air Cooled Engine Max Thrust 2,225 hp


Guns: 4 x 20 mm Cannon

Rockets: 8 x 60 lbs.

Bombs: 2 x 500 lbs



Max speed:440 mph                                              

Climb at 20,000 ft. in 6.5 minutes

Strike radius: 420 miles


On independence, the PAF inherited 16 Tempest when assets of former Royal Indian Air Force were divided; these were used to equip No.9 & 5 Squadrons, both being commissioned as Pakistani units on 16th August, 1947 at Peshawar. A few Tempests were also based at Risalpur, where they were used as fighter trainers. The aircraft were phased out in 1956.