The Houses

Students are accommodated in six Houses named after heroes of PAF. These are

  • Alam
  • Alauddin
  • Iqbal
  • Munir
  • Rafiqui
  • Yunus

Each House is under the charge of a Housemaster who is assisted by an Assistant Housemaster and a Physical Training Instructor (PTI).

In order to impart practical training to the students in the art of leadership, a number of appointments are given to them. A boy from the senior most entry is made Headboy of the College. He is responsible for different activities of the boys and their discipline after the College study hours.

The appointment is given on the basis of overall performance of the boy during his stay at the College. Each House has a House Captain who is assisted by one College Prefect and three House Prefects. The House Captain is a student in charge of the various House activities. These activities go a long way in promoting team work and spirit-de-corps. To inculcate competitive spirit and a sense of achievement, Inter House competitions are also held in various games / activities viz., all outdoor sports (Hockey, Football, Basketball, Cricket), PT, Athletics, Drill, Swimming, Qira'at, Debates, Current Affairs, Quizzes and Cleanliness.

Separate shields or trophies are awarded to the winner of each competition. The Quaid-i-Azam Shield is awarded to the Overall Champion House.