Library and Audio-Visual Aids

The College has a well-equipped library manned by a trained librarian and other staff. Additionally, a small library has also been established in each 'House' to help the students to develop the habit of reading. Modern educational aids like Multimedia Projector, etc., are added to make class room instruction more effective.It has around  20,800 books in 26 categories

Language Labs

To provide the students ample exposure to spoken English, the College has established two well-equipped Language Labs. The boys are exposed to a variety of well-chosen language programs and given enough opportunity to polish their spoken expression under the guidance of trained teachers.

Computer Labs

In order to keep pace with the technological advancements, especially with the boom in information technology, the College has two modern Computer Labs equipped with the latest computers. College website address is: www.pafcollegesargodha.com.

Counselling Services

PAF College Sargodha is a unique institution of the country where counselling services are being offered to the students. The Counselling Section is headed by a senior, professionally trained and widely experienced Psychologist / Counsellor who is accustomed to helping students from different backgrounds and cultures coupled with a wide range of personality development related issues. Students are counselled and guided in such areas as adjustment / relationships, social problems and emotional difficulties, learning inadequacies, teenage challenges, motivation / career, domestic and personal issues, decision making, stress-management, home sickness etc.

College Magazine / Newsletter

The College Magazine is published annually in two sections (English / Urdu) and contains articles and essays written by the students. Every student is given a copy. A newsletter is published every four months. The activities of the College and pictures of award winning students with their details are published in it.

Hobbies Club

The Hobbies Club plays an important role in developing latent capabilities of the Pre-Cadets. To nourish their inner creativity, the following activities are carried out at the Hobbies Club:

  • Woodwork
  • Science projects
  • Arts
  • Aeromodeling
  • Clay Modeling
  • Music
  • Dramatics
  • Calligraphy
  • Photography
  • Horse Riding

Medical Care

For quick and round the clock medical care, the College has a hospital (M I Room) headed by an Air Force doctor with the necessary staff to assist him. For further specialized treatment, the boys are sent to PAF Hospital adjacent to PAF Base, Mushaf where they are admitted in the Officers' Ward on the advice of medical specialist. The PAF Hospital has almost all specialists available round the clock. In case a student needs an operation, all out efforts are made to inform the parents / guardians. However, if there is no time to inform them, such students are operated upon without any delay. The parents / guardians of students are required to submit a written permission for a life-saving surgery. In case of an emergency, the authority rests with the Principal.


In addition to the scholarships offered by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Sargodha, a number of scholarships are offered to students by Chief of the Air Staff and other famous Sargodhian personalities. These scholarships are awarded to the deserving students for their outstanding performance in academics, on the basis of parent's income, parent's occupation and family background after a stay of one year at the College.

Games, Physical Training and Drill

With the notion that sports fields are instrumental in grooming young boys for discipline and effective role in the future, the College has made sports an essential and integral part of students' training. Evening games are compulsory for all the students. For this purpose, the College has the facilities of five lush green Football grounds, five Hockey fields, five Basketball courts, four Volleyball courts, three Handball fields, one Squash court, one Cricket and Athletics field, one PT / Drill Square, one Gymnasium and one Swimming Pool. For indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, and Draft, the facility is provided in each of the six boarding Houses. Additionally, students receive training in Karate and Gymnastics as well. They are also given an orientation in drill for their future career in the armed forces.

Friendly Fixtures

To inculcate sportsman spirit in the boys and help them expand their circle of friends, the College plays friendly fixtures with institutions of repute like PAF College Lower Topa, Military College Jhelum, Cadet College Hasan Abdal and Aitchison College, Lahore and other similar public schools and colleges.

Horse Riding Club

Horse Riding is an integral part of training in the Armed Forces. In order to familiarize the students with the Horse and the skill of Horse Riding, the College provides the best breed of Horses in the Horse Riding Club. The students are trained by the experts to master this skill.

Gliding Training

The College imparts training on powered gliders. Parents / guardians are required to submit a gliding training Indemnity Bond on initial joining of their sons / wards.

Recreational Activities

Picnics are arranged regularly. The boys are taken to various recreational spots. Also, a camping / hiking trip is made annually to Lower Topa Murree by the senior most entry. Besides these excursions, various educational visits are also a part of the training schedule at the College.