Iqbal / Fury House


Brief History

Iqbal House was formed in 1953 in the Odeon Block as Fury House. It was named after the World WarII famed Royal Air Force Fighter, Fury. In 1967 Fury was named Iqbal House after the name of  Sqn Ldr Muhammad Iqbal (Shaheed), SJ who embraced shahadat during India-Pakistan war of 1965.


Name : Muhammad Iqbal
Pak No : 1431
Father's Name : Muhammad Ali Asghar
Date of Birth : 16 Dec 1934
Place of Birth : Nangal, Sialkot
GD(P) Course : 13 GD (P)
Date of Commission : 11 June, 1953
Date of Shahadat : 11 September, 1965
Gallantry award : SJ
Citation of Gallantry Award:-
Sqn Ldr Muhammad Iqbal flew many operational missions which played a vital part in the success of Pakistan Air Force during the India-Pakistan war. He carried out these missions with determination, enthusiasm, and outstanding ability and at great personal risk. His performance, throughout, was exemplary and highly inspiring for the personnel under his command. For his outstanding leadership, valor, loyalty, and invaluable services to Pakistan Air Force and the country, he is awarded Sitara-e-Jurat.


Country : United Kingdom
Company : Hawker
Type : Single seat naval fighter or photographic reconnaissance mono 
Power Plant : One 2470 HP Bristle Cantaurus 18 
cylinders 2 row radial sleeve valve air 
cooled engine.
Four 20 mm British Hispano MK -5 
Cannon, two in each wing, total of 580 
rounds, Gyro gun sight, racks below 
wings for two 500 Lbs bombs,4 triplex 
rockets projectile with 18 lbs heads.
 Two F-24 cameras (one vertical one 
oblique) in fuselage Max speed at 
20000 ft 727 km/hr.
Radius of action : At Max economic cruising speeds with
15 minutes combat, 1160 km.
Max Range : 2620 km

FURY Role in PAF

In early 1950s, the Hawker Fury was the front line fighter of Pakistan air force. This aircraft was considered ideal for air support of Ground Forces and was rated very high among the combat aircraft of its class. The Fury remained in service with the PAF from 1949 to 1960.