Alauddin / Starfighter House

Alauddin House was commissioned in September, 1968, in the existing Odeon Block on the ground floor in sequal to the amalgamation of PAF College, Lower Topa, with the PAF College, Sargodha. It was re-established in 1994 with the new name “Starfighter”. The name was taken from the F104 aircraft well known as “Starfighter”, the first Mach-II fighter which entered the PAF inventory in May 1961. The Starfighter was a deterrence and match to the threat from the India's Soviet supplied Mig-21s during 1965 &1971 wars against India. The House regained its original name Alauddin on 26 March, 2015.
Alauddin House    : From 1968 to 1990
Starfighter House : From 1994 to 2015
Alauddin House    : From 2015 to To date
Name : Alauddin Ahmed
Pak No : 5034
Father's Name : Dr Tajammal Ahmed
Date of Birth : 03 Oct, 1930
Place of Birth : Dacca (Bengal, India)
GD (P) Course : 10 GD (P)
Date of Commission : 13 June, 1952
Date of Shahadat : 13 September, 1965
Gallantry Award : SJ
Citation of Gallantry Award:
Sqn Ldr Alauddin Ahmed led his Squadron in twenty combat missions against the Indian ground and air forces. His leadership throughout the operations was cool, courageous and most determined which inspired the greatest confidence against pilots of his formations and resulted in destruction of many Indian tanks and vehicles. In his last sortie, he attacked and blew up an important ammunition train at Gurdaspur railhead in complete disregard to his personal safety. During this attack on Sep 13, his aircraft was damaged and was reported missing over enemy territory. Subsequently, it was confirmed that the officer died in this action. For his exemplary leadership, courage, and valour, Sqn Ldr Alauddin Ahmed is awarded Sitara-i-Jurat.
TYPE : Single User Supersonic fighter
POWER PLANT : One general Electric J79-GE-7A axial flow turbo jet engine with after burner.
ARMAMENT : 20 mm M-61 Vulcan 6 barrel cannon developed by General Electric. One philco GAR-8 side winder missile, on each wing tip. Provision for two more side winder on pylons under fuselage. ASG-14 fire control system.
ACCOMODATION & EQUIP : Marton baker Ejection System Auto pilot with “Stick Steering”. It includes modes for pre selecting and holding altitude, speed landing and constant rate of turn, multi purpose NASARR Radar System. Fix Garticule gun sight. Bomb computer, Air Data computer and TACAN.
PERFORMANCE : Max speed at 35000 ft 2.3 Mach
Approach Speed 322 Km/hr
Landing Speed 264 Km/hr
Max Range for ferrying 3540 Km
Starfighter Role in PAF
In 1961, the PAF received its first F-104 “Starfighter” interceptor, a uniquely different design which could fly in excess of Mach-2 and reach altitudes in excess of 100,000 feet. This was first Mach-2 aircraft to go into squadron service and was understandably the envy of all those flying lesser capable aircrafts. Total 12 aircrafts were inducted in No-9 squadron. F-104 played a major role in the success of Pakistan Air Force in 1965 war.