Sample Paper General Science

Objective Questions


Q. No 1 Fill in the blanks with a suitable answer.

  1.     The central part of an atom is known as ____________.
  2.     The point on which the lever rotates is called _________.
  3.     Budding is an example of ____________ reproduction.
  4.     Water diffuses out of tiny holes of a leaf called _________.
  5.     The conduction and_________ of heat is not possible in vacuum.


Q No 2 Indicate whether the given statements are True or False.

  1.     The process of Photosynthesis takes place in presence of sun light.
  2.     Tritium is an isotope of oxygen.
  3.     Drinking hard water causes stomach disorder.
  4.     Electric generator converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Multiple Choice.

    Fruit is formed by: (A) Ovary (B) Stem (C ) Ovule (D) Leaves

    Cell wall is composed of: (A) Fats (B) Proteins (C ) Carbohydrates (D) None of these

    Chromosomes are made up of: (A) Protein (B) DNA (C ) Protein and DNA (D) None of these

    An Image formed in a plane mirror is: (A) Real (B) Smaller in size (C) Closer than the Object (D) Laterally inverted

    During the Photosynthesis the first product obtained is: (A) Starch (B) Sugar (C) Fat (D) Proteins

Subjective Questions

Q No 8 Draw the internal structure of Heart and label the diagram.

Q No 9 (a) Explain the circulatory system of blood in the human body.

(b) Write down the differences between an atom and molecule.

Q No 10 (a) What is convection of heat. Explain with examples.

(b) Make a circuit diagram for lightening a bulb.

Q No 11 (a) What are the advantages of electromagnets?

(b) What is the function of Wheel and Axle as a simple machine?

Q No 12. Write a note on the following: (a) Convection of Heat (b) Photosynthesis