In 1951, Air Vice Marshal Sir Richard Atcherley then Commander-in-Chief Royal Pakistan Air Force (C-in-C   RPAF) suggested the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Liaquat Ali Khan and the Defence Minister Iskander   Mirza that a "feeder school" be established to provide flight cadets for training at PAF Academy (then PAF   College), Risalpur. He said that if a Pakistani boy could be given the same standard of education as his       counter part in the West, he would make every bit as good an officer and pilot as any officer in the West could .   Atcherley's idea was given an enthusiastic support and in 1952 the Defence Committee under the   chairmanship of Liaquat Ali Khan approved the project. An agreement was signed with the Air Service Training   Limited Hamble, South Hampton, UK to operate and manage the project for the first five years. The Board of   Governors included the Defence Minister Iskander Mirza as the Chairman and C-in-C RPAF Air Vice Marshal   Leslie William Cannon as the Deputy Chairman. The site selected for the project in Sargodha was known as   "Dhup Sarhi" meaning "Sun Burnt". The project took off in December 1952 as the British contract staff including   Principal and eight teachers flew from London in a K L M Charter plane. The plane suffered an unpleasant   experience of crash landing in the Arabian Desert near Darain. Fortunately no one was hurt.

A retired Group Captain of Royal Air Force (RAF), Mr Eric Sprawson joined the  School as the Founder Principal on 24 December, 1952. He had a vast experience of teaching at various institutes of the subcontinent.  In 1952, he was selected by the Air Service Training Ltd Hamble to serve as the Principal, Royal Pakistan Air Force Public School Sargodha for a contractual period of five years. He remained the founder Principal till the expiry of his contract on 24 December, 1957.

  • In 1952, the first entry of 100 boys was selected from East and West Pakistan. Out Of the 100 chosen, 02 boys did not join the School. On the last day of February the first batch of new boys arrived. They came on the Chennab Express from Karachi. Others arrived in small groups from other places and 28 came by Bristol Freighter from East Pakistan .The course beginning from class VII was to be culminated in Senior Cambridge after 5 years from the Overseas Cambridge University, UK. However, the boys were allowed to opt for the National System of Education culminating in Matriculation from Rawalpindi Board. It was decided that the first three entries would not be bonded to join PAF. The present day School Sick Quarters (SSQ) served as the first Academic Block. Two boarding Houses were established in the Odeon Block with the names Tempest and Fury. These were two fighter-bomber aircraft, which then equipped Royal Pakistan Air Force Bases in Pakistan . 47 boys were allotted Tempest House on the ground floor and 51 were allotted Fury House on the upper floor and two rooms on the ground floor. Mr G Stott took over as the Housemaster Tempest House and Mr George Douglas Hamilton as the  Group Captain of Royal Air Force (RAF),Mr Eric SprawsonHousemaster Fury House.


  • On 16 December, 1953 a Speech Day was held at the School. The Guest of Honour, His Excellency Mian Ameen-u-Din, Governor of the Punjab unveiled a marble plaque on the occasion that commemorated the foundation of the Royal Pakistan Air Force Public School, Sargodha. Air Marshal Sir Hugh Walmsley of the Royal Air Force and high officials of Royal Pakistan Air Force and Army attended the ceremony. The plaque now decorates the wall of the School Headquarters.


  • The Board of Governors headed by Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) of Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Air Marshal Asghar Khan, chose Mr Hugh Catchpole to succeed Mr Sprawson. He did his Masters in English from Oxford University. Before starting his career as a teacher he did some flying in civil and played cricket for the Suffolk County Eleven. His enviable career in education spanned 69 years beginning in 1928 as Assistant Master at the Prince of Wales' Royal Indian Military College now Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), Dehra Dun, India. After expiry of his contract from Hasan Abdal in 1958, he joined PAF Public School Sarghoda as the Principal. He stayed there till 1967 and then joined Abbottabad Public School.

  • The year 1967 was unique in more many ways. It marked a new era in the history of the School. The name was changed from PAF Public School to PAF College Sargodha. The four Houses Tempest, Fury, Attacker and Sabre were also renamed as Younus, Iqbal, Munir and Rafiqui respectively after the names of our great air warriors who laid down their lives in defense of their motherland during September 1965 War. The name of School magazine was also changed from “The Sargodhian” to “Shahbaz”.


  • A major development was the appointment of the first Pakistani Principal, Mr Abdul Rehman Quraishi. Mr Catchpole left the School after a meritorious service of 9½ years to join Abbotabad Public School as a Senior English Teacher. Now the whole staff comprised Pakistani teachers. Another transition took place as the Senior Cambridge was replaced with the National System of Education. The School was affiliated with the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Rawalpindi .

  • The College continued to function as a Public School until 1973. When the requirement at PAF Academy, Risalpur was raised to the degree level, the College started functioning as a Degree College. The College started imparting full military training to the aviation cadets of both the GD (P) and Engineering branches, which was followed by the flying training phase at PAF Academy, Risalpur. However, in 1985, BSc. classes were shifted to Risalpur, and once again only FSc. classes were conducted at the College. Mr Rehman Quraishi, the Principal, left no stone unturned in keeping the good name and repute of the institution aloft. He left the College in January, 1984. Soon after his departure from Sargodha, he took the charge of Aitchison College, Lahore as Principal. He was followed by Gp Capt C M. Latif, Air Cdre M Akram Lodhi and Gp Capt (later Air Cdre) Fareed Ali Shah respectively. The latter was made the first Commandant of the institution in December, 1987. With the departure of Air Cdre M Akram Lodhi, the designation of the Principal was kept in abeyance.

  • In 1990, a review of the PAF intake requirements was made, which highlighted the excellent contribution made by this College as a public school. It was, therefore, decided to revive the institution to its previous role of a public school imparting education from class VIII to FSc. to young men who would join PAF and whose expenses would be borne by PAF. Hence, in 1990, the 94 GD (P) and 39 CAE courses became the last entries of aviation cadets to pass through PAF College Sargodha, to join PAF Academy Risalpur for further training.  On reopening of the College as a public school, all the eight student houses were renamed as Attacker, Falcon, Fury, Halifax, Mirage, Sabre, Starfighter, and Tempest. Two entries of 100 students each were inducted in the eighth and ninth classes in January, 1991.The entries were numbered as 23rd and 24th to mark continuation with 22nd, the last entry before transition. Later, the strength of the College was raised to 440. Air Cdre Fareed Ali Shah (442-T), a former Sargodhian, was appointed as Commandant to supervise the transition of PAF College Sargodha  from a Degree Science College to a typical public school from December 1987 to April 1991.

  • Air Cdre Fareed Ali Shah (442-T), a former Sargodhian, was appointed as Commandant to supervise the transition of PAF College  Sargodha  from a Degree Science College to a typical public school from December 1987 to April 1991.

AVM (R) Raja Aftab Iqbal

Air Cdre (R) Abdul Qadir Sargana

Mr Wayne Christopher Hignett

Air Cdre (R) Tayyab Naeem Akhtar Air Cdre (R) Farooq H Kiyani(Late) AVM (R) Sajid Habib
  • To achieve the objective of running PAF College Sargodha on the lines of a Public School system meeting the requirements of the military training doctrine, the Air Headquarters decided to appoint a very senior Sargodhian AVM (Retd) Raja Aftab Iqbal (119-F) as Commandant of PAF College Sargodha. AVM (Retd) Raja Aftab Iqbal left the College in November 2001. His successor, another Sargodhian, Air Cdre (Retd) Mr Abdul Qadir Sargaana (T374-F), took over as Commandant in November, 2001. But soon the designation of Head of the Institution was renamed as the Principal. Air Cdre (Retd) M Abdul Qadir Sargaana served the institution till November 2007. He left In March 2007 and an English principal Mr Christopher Hygnett joined the school and he left the school in November 2009. Air Cdre (R) Tayyab Naeem Akhtar joined in November 2009. He served the school till August 2012. .After his departure Air Cdre (R) Farooq Hussain Kiyani became the principal but due to his health problems, he died on 14th of June 2013, then AVM(R) Sajid Habib joined in. He  worked till October 2016 and now AVM(R) Qasim Masood is fulfilling the responsibilities to date.

  • Air Chief Marshal Farooq Feroze Khan, NI(M), SBt enjoys the unique honour of being the first Sargodhian to become a four star General during his career in the PAF. Besides being the Chief of the Air Staff from 1991 to 1994, he also rose to the position of the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC). In this capacity, he served from 1994 to 1997.Other prominent sargodhians include Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat (697-F) who became chief of air staff, Pakistan Air Force.

  • On 19 March 2003, another Sargodhian, Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat (697-F), joined the galaxy of four-stars and became Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force. In October 2004 General Ehsan ul Haq (589-F) became chairman, joint chiefs of staff committee. On 20 March, 2006, Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed (767-F) became the third Furian to have reached the status of Chief of the Air Staff. Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman (851-S) became chief of Air Staff on 18 March 2009 and then Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt (895-S) became the Chief of Air staff on 19 March 2012. Air Marshals Masood Hatif, Shafique Haider, Aliuddin, Shahid Zulfiqar, Saeed Anwar, Pervez Akhtar Nawaz, Sarfaraz Arshad Toor, Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed, Arif Pervaiz, Masood Akhtar, Raashid Kaleem, Hifazat Ullah Khan and Tahir Rafique Butt are a few of the old boys who attained the three star status and formed a luminous chapter in the history of PAF Public School Sargodha. Amongst them Air Marshals Masood Hatif, Shafique Haider, Aliuddin, Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed, Raashid Kaleem, Hifazat Ullah Khan and Tahir Rafique Butt have the distinction of becoming Vice Chiefs of Air Staff. In 2013, Hashim siddique (1087-Y) rose to the rank of Rear Admiral while Mr Aizaz Chauhdry (1101-SF) elevated to grade 22 and appointed as Foreign Secretary Government of Pakistan in December 2013.

  • Syed wamiq abrar bokhari was appointed MD&CEO of Pakistan Petrolium Limited in March 2015.

  • Name of the college was changed on founder’s Day,March 2015 from PAF Public School to PAF College Sargodha,also names of houses were changed from machine names to hero;s names(Attacker to Munir, Fury to Iqbal, Falcon to Safi, Saber to Rafiqui, Halifax to Alam, Mirage to Minhas, Starfighter to Allauddin, Tempest to Yunus).

  • Shibli Faraz from Rafiqui House 69th GD(P) was made senator of PTI on 13th March 2015 who became leader of the house in senate in August 2018.He was appointed Federal Minister for Information later on 27th April 2020.

  • ON 19th march 2018 Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar an old sargodhian from Rafiqui house became Chief of the Air Staff.

  • ON 26th March 2018 Air Marshal Arshad Malik  an old sargodhian from Munir House became Vice Chief of the Air Staff who was later appointed ad CEO,president PIA.

  • Air Marshal Asim Zaheer was appointed Vice Chief of the Air Staff on 3rd Nov 2018 another  sargodhian.

  • Number of houses was reduced from 8 to 6 in 2018,Safi House and Minhas House boys were distributed amongst all the remaining houses