Farewell 48th Entry

Date : 08-08-2020


A farewell was arranged for the 48th Entry at Rehman Auditorium on 08 August, 2020.

The Organizing Committee constituted of Wg Cdr Shahid Hafeez, Sqn Ldr Javed Aziz, Sqn Ldr Ishfaq Ahmed, Sqn Ldr Khurram Shehzad, Sqn Ldr Kashif Hussain, Sqn Ldr Allah Dino, and Chf Tech Shehzad.

The 48th Entry was received at the College Headquarters by the Principal and senior faculty members. The programme commenced in Rehman Auditorium with the singing of National Anthem. It was followed by recitation of verses from the Holy Quran. Haider Ali (3552-Ad), the winner of “The Best Qari” award, recited the holy verses. Later on the programme was anchored by Sqn Ldr Ishfaq. Two short movies prepared by 48th Entry pre-cadets were presented on the cocasion. The first movie consisted of a series of flashbacks of 48th Entry’s stay at PAF College Sargodha whereas the second movie was intended to pay tribute to their mentors. Shortly afterwards, Hamid Nawaz (3604-Ad), the outgoing College Head Boy,  delivered a speech. Like movies projected on the occasion, the speech awakened reminiscence  about the good time spent by 48th Entry at the College, and paid a glowing tribute to the mentors. Next, AVM (Retd) Qasim Masood Khan, Principal PAF College Sargodha addressed the 48th Entry and administered the oath in keeping with tradition.

The oath taking ceremony was followed by the presentation of souvenirs and certificates to the 48th Entry. Wg Cdr Shahzad A Khan, the Head of Humanities, Wg Cdr Amjad Ali Toor, the College Counsellor, Wg Cdr Shahid Hafeez, the Head of Sciences, Wg Cdr Shamila Syed, the Vice Principal, Wg Cdr (Retd) Amjad Ali Khan,  the former Vice Principal, and  AVM (Retd) Qasim Masood Khan, the Principal PAF College Sargodha presented the commemorative plaques, SOBA and Glider Training Certificates to the 48th Entry Pre-cadets. Muhamamad Anas Mubashir’s (3568-I) father, Prof Mubashir received the plaque and certificates on behalf of his son. Finally, Hamid Nawaz (3604-Ad), the outgoing College Head Boy handed over the Head Boy’s cane to the Principal. At the end of the ceremony, Prof Mubashir addressed the audience and expressed his gratitude to the PAF in general and the faculty in particular for supporting his son during hard times. It is pertinent to mention that  two years back, Anas (3568-I) had met a car accident while travelling with his family, and got critically injured. After the presentation ceremony, the outgoing entry was served a sumptuous buffet dinner in the lawn adjacent to VP’s office.