Date : 22-08-2020
  • A ceremony was held in the Pre-Cadet Mess Lawns on 22 August, 2020 to proclaim house and College appointments of 49th Entry.
  • Uzair Ali Akhtar (3628 -A),   M Abdullah Khan (3616- Ad), Khuzaima Khalid (3647- I), Mansoor Ali Osaid (3646-   M), M Arsalan Malik (3607-R) and Hassan Faizan (3645-Y) are designated the house captains.
  • House Captain Munir, Mansoor Ali Usaid, is the Deputy Head Boy as well. Hamza Amin (3621-I) is appointed the College Prefect for Discipline (CPD).
  • Talha Tanveer (3606) from Iqbal House is the College Head Boy.
  • AVM Qasim Masood Khan (R), Principal, congratulated all appointment holders and advised them to realize the worth of their role in effective running of all house and college matters. They must aim at implementing college rules and set healthy grooming environment.The Principal also handed over Head Boy Cane to the new Head Boy and administered oath to the new batch of command.