Revival of the Brotherly Bond

On 22 August, 2005, Shahir Allawi (2777-M), Ahmed Inan Mussadaque (2778-Hf) and Tahrim Ishrak (2779-M) from the brotherly country Bangladesh rewrote history by joining the School with the 38th Entry. It was after the lapse of 40 years that some students from Bangladesh had joined the School. The idea was floated by Air Cdre (Retd) Moinul Islam (86-S)who was leading Bangladesh Chapter of Sargodhians during Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the School.

Since Bangladesh has a considerable number of illustrious Sargodhians who have been serving their motherland at different key posts, it was thought prudent to reconnect with the School and bring in fresh blood in the depleting line of distinguished Sargodhians. The School on its part was only too willing to accept the challenge. The three cubs of Bengal were received warmly; Every young Sargodhian thought it to be a religious duty to welcome the happy entry of their brothers from Bangladesh.

So far two batches of Bangladeshi students have graduated from the School. The highest appointment held by any Bangladeshi student so far is the Deputy Head Boy. That was Atiqur Rehman (2865-Attacker, 39th Entry) who belonged to the writer's House, Attacker.

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