The Odeon Block

Two boarding houses were established in the Odeon Block with the names Tempest and Fury. These were two fighter-bomber aircraft, which then equipped the Royal Pakistan Air Force Bases in Pakistan. A total of 47 boys were allotted the Tempest House on the ground floor, while 51 were allotted the Fury House on the upper floor and two rooms on the ground floor. Mr Godfrey Stott took over as Housemaster Tempest and Mr George Douglas Hamilton as Housemaster Fury House. On 01 March, 1953, Mr G Stott became the Deputy Headmaster of the School, handing over the Tempest House to Mr J C Buckman. Another change took place when Mr Hamilton handed over the Fury House to Mr Kearsley due to prolonged illness. Mr Kearsley, however, left in the summer of 1954, handing over Fury House to Mr Hamilton again. On 30 December, 1954 Mr Hamilton left the school, handing over the Fury House to Harold Bertie Gilbert for some months. In August, 1955 Mr M J Power took over the Fury House from Mr Gilbert.

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