The Founder Principal

MR.  Eric Sprawson was educated at Rugby School and at Jesus College, Cambridge before joining the Royal Air Force (RAF)as a Pilot. After retiring from RAF as a Group Captain he came to the subcontinent and joined the Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun as an Instructor. After the expiry of his contract at Dehra Dun, he joined the Chiefs College, Rajkot as the Principal. Being a retired Group Captain of Royal Air Force (RAF), he was called up in the later stage of second world war to serve as a bomber pilot. He was awarded the distinguished Flying Cross for his exceptional flying skills during the war. He was also awarded membership of the Royal Air Force Escapers Club, a club restricted to those who escape from enemy captivity. After the war was over he resumed his teaching practice at Rapton School England, and then went out to do some administrative work at Ben Ghazi. In 1952, he was selected by the Air Service Training Ltd Hamble to serve as the Principal, Royal Pakistan Air Force Public School Sargodha for a contract period of five years. He remained the founder Principal till the expiry of his contract on 24 December, 1957. He left the School for London . After a few months stay there , he joined his son in Italy . He died there and was buried in Italy.

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